Super Easy Chunky Knit Hat

The first time I made this hat pattern, it took me 4 episodes of Gilmore Girls… which is roughly equivalent to ~ 3 hours. Not too bad, huh? I’m a really slow knitter so anything that takes me less than 5 hours is a winner in my book. I’m hooked on projects that use chunky yarn and big, fat needles so I can whip up a scarf or hat with ease. I’m thinking a few people miiiight be getting a hat for Christmas this year! ;)

Some possible color combos I think would be fun:

solid colors are always a good option; neutrals – black and white, white and grey, black and grey, white and tan, etc..; lime and teal; grapefruit and melon; 2 tints of the same color – light and dark green, light and dark pink, etc.

Happy knitting!

Super Easy Chunky Knit Hat

90 yards super bulky yard (I used Loops & Threads Cozy Wool in “Fleece” and “Black”)
16 inch 10mm/US 15 circular needles
stitch markers
2 small pieces of cardboard (about 4″x4″)
yarn needle

Size Options:
Cast on 40 stitches for small, 42 for smedium, 44 for medium (this is the # I used and it’s a lil loose for my head at 25 inches around,) and 46 for large. Have extra yarn on hand for large hat.

Cast on 40 (42, 44, 46) stitches and join in the round (helpful and slightly boring video below.) Place stitch marker to show the start of your piece.
Begin knitting a 2×2 (knit 2, purl 2, repeat..) rib until piece measures about 2 inches.
At the start of your next row, begin knitting every stitch until piece measures about the length of your palm if you don’t want to cuff the hat brim, 9 inches if you want a floppy hat with no cuff or about 11 inches if you want the hat cuffed at the brim.
On the next row, knit 2 together all the way around to decrease your stitches.
When you’re finished, cut the working yarn so that you have a 6 inch tail and thread yarn through yarn needle. Weave the tail through all of the stitch loops sitting on your needles.
Then, gently pull out the circular needles and pull the yarn tail tightly to close the top of your hat. Thread the yarn tail into the inside of your hat and make a small knot to secure.
Then, simply weave the rest of the tail throughout the hat to hide it away.
If you don’t want a pom pom on top – you’re done!
If you do want a pom pom, check out the handy video below on how to make a nice, thick pom without any special tools.

Here’s a handy video on joining in the round

Here’s a quick tutorial vid on making the pom pom
(the video is actually part 2 of a set of videos showing you how to make this hat, step by step… theirs is more complicated for shaping the top but VERY handy if you need a lil guidance.)


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