Pt 1: My Intro to Sourdough Bread

I recently received a sourdough starter from a friend of a friend and have blossomed into a full-blown, obsessed-with-sourdough baker. After years of experiencing pain after eating bread, I’d all but accepted my fate. Not gluten intolerant, but definitely sensitive. So, I just avoided it. Except for when I didn’t. I am certainly not a scientist, but there is 100% a difference when eating fermented breads vs conventional. And hallelujah for that because I can now enjoy the true pleasure of eating bread (queue Oprah I LOVE BREAD meme here) on a regular basis. Has my waistline suffered? Yes. But my heart and tummy are happy.

Personally, I was really intimidated to get started with sourdough baking — it seemed like a huge commitment and really scientific. I’m here to tell you that it’s really not that complicated and once you get in a groove (which only took me about 2 weeks) you’ll feel wayyyy more confident. I also recommend watching these two youtube videos that I reference regularly when I have moments of “wait, what the heck am I supposed to do next??”

I’m definitely no expert baker, but I’ve been sharing my journey into sourdough baking along with some tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way on my Instagram (@paintedfork) and figured I might as well compile all of that good stuff into a blog too.

In this three-part series, I’ve essentially laid out a diary on how I maintain my sourdough starter and my current go-to recipe(s) for baking sourdough bread.

  1. Intro: My Sourdough Journey
  2. How to Maintain a Sourdough Starter
  3. A Guide to Baking with Sourdough 
  4. Recipe: Classic Sourdough Bread

Once you get a feel for baking a classic loaf, I recommend digging into other fermented, sourdough recipes like baguettes, pretzels, and more!

Enjoy and happy baking!


Want to see more? Follow my sourdough baking journey on Instagram @paintedfork!

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  1. jsgreenblog says:

    I have just baked my third batch of sourdough. I love it so much, it inspired me to start blogging again. I have always loved baking bread, but this one intimidated me! No longer. I’m finally getting the hang of it as verified by my husband and 4 year old son. 😀 Keep baking and blogging!


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