DIY Sugar Lip Scrub

Attention ladies (and some gents): Making your own sugar lip scrub is too easy to drop loads of Ca$h on at the beauty store, sorry Lush.

Nowadays, sugar lips scrubs are everywhere… and they are damned expensive. IT’S SUGAR! Stop charging so much for it!!

Here’s how you can make your own sugar scrub that’s all natural, smells delish and will also make great gifts this holiday season. Simply dig around your pantry for a few items and maybe hit up an online shop or your local natural goods store for some essential oils. Ba-da-bing! Ba-da-boom!


The type of sugar you use doesn’t matter too much. I used coarse organic cane juice sugar (whatever) but brown sugar, sugar in the raw or any other large chunky sugar will work. If you ~want~ a finer scrub, you could try normal table sugar but I’m not sure how well it will blend with the oil. I would recommend adding more sugar than usual because I’m thinking the smaller crystals will dissolve into the oils more than the coarse stuff will. Up to you!

Things to consider:
The beeswax is optional. I used it because a) I have some and have been dying to use it, b) It will help make the scrub thicker and have more staying power, c) It’s fancier with beeswax.
** For the mixture pictured, I used vanilla and lemon essential oils. I tried using pure vanilla and lemon extracts but the alcohol scent was stronger than the flavor so I vetoed that. I opted to use essential oils because in addition to adding a delish scent, they add some good energizing properties to the scrub. If you choose to use essential oils, I recommend that you use 100% pure oils and not blends.
*** Also you probs shouldn’t lick this off your lips, just to be safe. I did some research and the jury is out on whether essential oils are okay to consume in small doses. Some people add the stuff to their drinks (kooks) and some people say you should only use it topically. Neither one is backed by science BUT fancy lip balms have the stuff in them so I figure, how sketchy could it be, right? So yeah… just don’t use them unless you’re okay with it. :) If you are a scaredy cat and don’t want to use ess. oils, I would maybe opt for using a double boiler w the coconut oil, beeswax and pure flavorings to slowly melt the wax and cook off the alcohol.

Some possible flavor/essential oil combos I think would be yummy:
vanilla + lemon; lavender + lemon; lavender + vanilla; cinnamon + vanilla; vanilla; vanilla + anything on the planet because vanilla is delicious.

Hope you enjoy!

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