A Guide to Baking Sourdough Bread

Now that you have your fridge starter going, you’re ready to bake! For most recipes that I’ve tried for a classic sourdough bread loaf or “table loaf,”  you’re looking at a 3-day schedule before you actually have a product that you can eat.

Here’s my typical weekly sourdough bread baking schedule: 

  1. Friday: 1) Feed fridge starter. 2) Feed discard and leave out overnight to ripen.
  2. Saturday: 1) Mix recipe using ripened starter. 2) Bread recipes typically “bulk ferment” or prove at room temp on this day. Then you shape and put in the fridge to ferment overnight or up to 24-48 hrs, depending on the recipe.
  3. Sunday: 1) Take bread dough out of the fridge, allow to come to room temp, bake.

Finding a recipe that can be your go-to is awesome but also will take some trial and error. My biggest tip is to just be patient and experiment! Maybe you like kneading the dough with your palm a la that Patrick Ryan video. Maybe you like a “no knead” sourdough recipe that calls for a technique called “stretch and fold” a la that Food52 video.

As of late, my go-to recipe has become a Food52 one but that recipe and so many others were just too daggum wordy — like literally paragraphs per step which is intimidating and hard to follow — so I made myself a cheat sheet that is just the actual steps. See recipe below!

Here are a few fav recipes/guides that you may want to check out:
Table Loaf – Food52 & Sarah Owens (kind of no-knead, easy to follow, comes w a v good video)
Emilie’s Everyday Sourdough – Vanilla & Bean (no-knead, easy to follow)
Sourdough Bread Masterclass – Patrick Ryan (classic kneading, makes it less intimidating, easy to follow, Irish babe)
Sourdough Baking Tips & Tricks – Girl Versus Dough (Steph is awesome and so are her guides to baking)

What to read next:

  1. Intro: My Sourdough Journey
  2. How to Maintain a Sourdough Starter
  3. A Guide to Baking with Sourdough 
  4. Recipe: Classic Sourdough Bread

Want to see more? Follow my sourdough baking journey on Instagram @paintedfork!

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