about the blog:

Painted Fork is a foodie/lifestyle blog that is a collection of my favorite healthy-ish recipes ranging from classic homemade comfort foods to paleo or vegan snacks, and everything in between.

about the author:

Hey, that’s me – Heather! I love sharing my favorite things with people who might also like it! I didn’t want my personal ‘gram to get overrun with food posts, so I decided to create a separate account for my foodie posts – @PaintedFork. Since then, posting to this blog (especially on Instagram) has become one of my favorite hobbies and has allowed me to connect with other foodies!

Most of my recipes are meals and snacks that my s/o and I make together that are filled with wholesome ingredients, great flavors, and are easy enough to make on a weeknight. If it doesn’t fit those standards, it doesn’t typically happen on this blog.

I love to take classic foods and un-junk them so that we can have a nutrient-dense version to enjoy. I also love finding new ways to use products that I’ve already got in my pantry to make food we feel good about putting into our bodies.

I also plan to do some posting on crafts, diy, etc… cause I like that kind of stuff and I have a feeling you guys might like that stuff too.

Thanks for stopping by! Oh, and if you like what you see, please leave a comment, subscribe, and follow me on Instagram @paintedfork!

– H