Homemade Muesli

What the heck is muesli? Well, it’s basically an un-baked version of granola. It’s a super common breakfast cereal in Europe and is starting to catch on here in the United States too. People love muesli because is a calorie-dense, protein-packed snack that will definitely fill you up and hold you over for a while….

No-Bake Coconut Macaroon Bites

I’m not going to rant about how you should eat such-and-such amount of coconut oil per day to prevent this-and-that. But, I will tell you that the stuff is awesome, is getting more and more affordable every day, AND you can make adorable little bite-sized coconut macaroons like these without ever firing up the oven….

Crispy Curry Roasted Chickpeas

Prepare yourself for some seriously addictive snacking. These Crispy Curry Roasted Chickpeas are super easy to make and can be used as a crunchy topping on your salad or soup or just eaten by the handful! What’s better than a snack that is delicious AND full of nutrition? You might think you’d feel guilty munching…

Cranberry Orange Scones with Sweet Orange Glaze (paleo & gluten-free)

What is it about the cranberry + orange flavor combo that is SO irresistible?! I was excited to put together a yummy paleo and gluten-free cranberry orange scone recipe to share and these hit the nail right on the head. 👌 Like my Blueberry Walnut Scones, these are made with almond flour so they’ve got a nice…

Banana Nut Muffins (paleo & gluten-free)

Simple and sweet — this paleo & gluten-free banana nut muffin recipe is sure to become a favorite! The first batch was gobbled up right away so I had to make a second batch, ha! I wasn’t mad about it though because it takes just a few minutes to mix everything together in the blender…