One-Ingredient Blueberry Popsicles

Did I mention before that I am hooked on making frozen treats this summer? Because that is definitely the situation. ☀️ This one is a no-brainer… The one ingredient (in case you missed it) is blueberries. Thus, these frozen treats are naturally sweet, tasty, and obviously gluten-free, paleo, vegan, etc. Hurrah! Not to mention, they…

Black & Blue Hand Pies

These super simple hand pies (aka homemade PopTarts) are delicious and made with clean ingredients. Serve them warm with ice cream or grab-n-go for a tart and tasty breakfast snack. PS – They’re “black & blue” because they’re filled with blackberries and blueberries … MMM!

How to Ferment Your Own Sauerkraut

Making kraut at home is super easy, but it does require some preparation, lots of cleaning, and some patience. I recommend reading the stuff below at least once before you begin. If you’re interested in learning about the process of fermenting cabbage, this article is a great resource and helped me work up the courage…

Paleo/Grain-Free Pannukakku

This stuff is freaking delicious and you’re gonna thank me for it. Get your oven preheated to 400°F and continue reading…

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Do you like brussels sprouts? I used to hate them, HATE THEM, when I was a kid but nowadays I freakin’ LOVE them. I’d eat them with every dinner as a side if I could – especially when prepared like the recipe below. :)