DIY: Essential Oil Bug Spray

This essential oil blend has been a staple in our apartment for the last few months. I originally mixed it to repel bugs naturally (the store bought stuff is SO full of scary chemicals and feels icky on your skin) but we fell in love with the scent and actually use it as a room spray as well. #WinningLavender, clove, vanilla, and lemon are all known to repel insects like mosquitoes, gnats, and ticks naturally so why not let them do their job?

Another major benefit? This stuff smells AMAZING. Even if you don’t need/want bug spray, make this for your home – you will LOVE it. The lemon gives this blend some citrusy zing and the clove is spicy, sweet so the blend is energizing as well.

Hope you enjoy as much as we do. :)

Hey, Heather Angel

2oz spray bottle
20 drops lavender essential oil
15 drops lemon essential oil
10 drops vanilla essential oil
5 drops clove essential oil

Drop essential oils into the bottle and blend together by shaking gently. Fill bottle to the top with water and shake well. Spritz over your body to naturally repel mosquitos, ticks, and other bugs. Shake well before each use. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.
*Bonus* This blend also smells delicious, so feel free to spray indoors to allow the mist to also freshen up your home, car, tent, whatever!

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