Photos: Chimney Rock State Park, NC

We recently visited Chimney Rock State Park in Bat Cave, North Carolina and I wanted to share an iPhone photo gallery. Enjoy!

Chimney Rock is named after a rock that, you guessed it, looks like a big ol’ chimney. The park grounds around it are pretty amazing, and definitely warrant a return trip to explore some of the hiking trails, especially the trails to Hickory Nut Falls (a 404 ft waterfall — the 2nd tallest waterfall this side of the Mississippi, honey!)

To get to the Chimney Rock, you take a shuttle up to a parking area where you have a choice of taking the elevator (a 200 story elevator shaft literally INSIDE the mountain) or you can climb a series of stairs that look like chutes n’ ladders to get to the top. We opted for the stairs which was a workout and a bit spooky if you’re scared of heights at all.

Here we are at the top of the rock! Next up we went higher to the Opera Box, which is like a cave in a rock face nearby where you have THIS view:

It was honestly pretty amazing. I’ve seen so many pictures from this area and they really don’t do it justice. To the right, you have Chimney Rock and to the left, can see Lake Lure (manmade mega-lake and known for being the shoot location of the lift scene from Dirty Dancing.)

Now time to replenish our strength with the signature treat from Old Rock Cafe,  the Apple Brown Betty. *drool*

Followed by a dip and splash in the Broad River. The water felt. so. daggum. good. omg.

It was a quintessential summer day exploring these beautiful mountains that we call home. We’ll be back!


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